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HORIZON Group is an international think tank that promotes the transition towards a future economy that is sustainable, inclusive and technology-driven. We work on innovation, economic development, resilience, inclusion, youth and future preparedness.


We help governments and businesses by proving insight, developing and executing strategies, and engaging partners and stakeholders.


Horizon originated from the communities of the World Economic Forum and the United Nations and is based in Geneva, Switzerland.



Margareta Drzeniek

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Margareta Drzeniek is Managing Partner with Horizon Group. She previously led the economics uinit of the World Economic Forum and was in charge of the main flagship reports, inlcuding The Global Competitiveness Report and the Global Risks Report. 


Sheana Tambourgi

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Sheana Tambourgi is an expert in global risks and trends for business and society, working with public and private sectors clients. Sheana previously led the Davos programme team and the Global Risks Network at the World Economic Forum.

She was the lead author of the Forum’s Global Risks Report and several other risk reports.




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Ilaria is working on the development of indices and research on trends and risks with Horizon Group. Ilaria’s work has been focusing on the development of new metrics that go beyond GDP and that assess economic and social phenomena. 


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